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Blue Mountain for Nespresso, a pod to take you on a taste trip to Jamaica

Do you know which country grows the most prestigious coffee in the world? This is Jamaica and the coffee in question is none other than Blue Mountain. To treat yourself to the unparalleled flavor of this prodigious arabica, buy this Blue Mountain coffee pod for Nespresso. Maximum freshness is promised to you thanks to a culture, a harvest and a roasting in the rules of the art. Let's get to know this product even more with the following pieces of information.

How is Blue Mountain coffee grown?

The reputation of a coffee is largely linked to the optimal conditions for its cultivation. For the Blue Mountain, this culture is done at an altitude exceeding 2,000 meters in an eponymous mountain range located east of Jamaica. The abundance of rain and the often overcast and cool days in this part of the island make it an ideal region for the development of the type of Arabica coffee. These conditions favor the richness of the soil.

Only red cherries are selected at harvest, as they conceal better quality coffee beans. All the same, they cannot do without the quality verification phase during which they are dumped into the water. Each cherry that floats will be subject to removal, as this is a sign of its poor quality.

The strict control of Blue Mountain coffee also contributes to its success and its legend. The brand has obtained certifications issued by various international bodies and enjoys the protection of the multinational Coffee Industry Board. The Blue Mountain Nespresso coffee pod is obviously one of the most sought-after capsules on the planet alongside the essential Nespresso chocolate pod.

What makes it different from other Caribbean Arabica coffees?

For many experts, no other coffee from the West Indies and Central America has a quality equal to that of Blue Mountain coffee. The exceptional characteristics of its vintage are in fact at the origin of the tones of taste so singular that the unconditional coffee fans will not fail to perceive.

The balance of the flavor in the mouth is inevitable knowing that all authenticated beans come from a single variety from the same region. However, this is not enough to hide the fruity and tangy flavors that contribute to obtaining maximum pleasure when preparing a drink with the Blue Mountain coffee pod for Nespresso.

The power and intensity of the aroma are remarkable, but it is above all its length in the mouth that is at the source of the addiction to this Arabica coffee. Add to that its sweetness, smoothness and high nutrient and vitamin content to make it a must-have everyday coffee. Note that the product does not contain any additives and is naturally alkaline.

What is the origin of the name “Blue Mountain”?

Before being the name of the coffee found in this Blue Mountain coffee pod for Nespresso, the name Blue Mountain is that of the Jamaican mountainous reliefs located between Port-Maria and South Kingston. These reliefs form one of the highest massifs in the Caribbean, with a highest point of 2300 meters. They are so named because, at certain times of the day, one can observe on their tops and on their walls admirable bluish reflections magnified by fog and rain. Many do not know, however, that behind this phenomenon is the reflection of light on the leaves of coffee trees. The name has not been stolen.

If Jamaica is recognized worldwide as a coffee country, Blue Mountain coffee has greatly contributed to it. The country can also boast of having one of the most panoramic coffee plantation areas in the world. And this area is where the product contained in the coffee pod for Nespresso Blue Mountain comes from.