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L’Or Barista reusable capsule, an ideal alternative to recyclable capsules

Do you have to throw away your capsules after use? The answer is no if you use a Reusable Gold Barista Capsule. It is a solution developed specifically for coffee consumers who want to do without disposable aluminum capsules. In addition to that, this solution also saves on the price of coffee.

What are the advantages of the l'Or Barista reusable capsule?

The Or Barista reusable capsule is above all an ecological choice. It makes it possible to avoid the ecological constraints linked to the use of disposable aluminum capsules. The possibility of infinite reuse will allow you to produce no waste related to the preparation of your coffees.

It is also an economical choice. Each capsule has a price 10 times lower than a classic L'Or Barista capsule, their capacity being 8 g.

You buy this capsule will also allow you to better preserve your health. It is indeed designed only with food grade stainless steel that has been tested without risk to your health. This is not the case with aluminum and plastic capsules, which present a significant health risk.

What are the characteristics of the reusable capsule?

By choosing the Barista Gold Reusable Capsule, you will enjoy a product with the following features:

  • Compatibility: with all l'or Barista coffee makers
  • Dimensions: 36mm high, 46mm maximum diameter and 23mm minimum diameter.
  • Capacity: up to 8g of ground coffee
  • Composition: All 304 Stainless Steel

To be able to reuse the Gold Barista capsule for as long as possible, you will need to clean it after each use. First get rid of the remaining coffee grounds in the capsule before a quick rinse under water. Also remember, from time to time, to immerse the capsule in white vinegar to allow it to regain its original shine.

How to properly use the gold Barista reusable capsule?

To allow you to reuse your Barista Gold reusable capsule even longer, you will also need to know some rules about its use. Here are some recommendations in this direction.

The preferred type of coffee

As with any reusable capsule, you're better off opting for strong coffees. The capsule can not take more than 8g of coffee, you will not be able to add more to obtain a stronger drink.

As far as the grind is concerned, the ideal is to prefer it fine to medium. In case you want the same coffee as the one contained in this pod of blue mountain coffee for nespresso, make sure that there is not too much fineness to avoid the passage of the coffee in question through the filter of the capsule. A greater thickness will, on its part, be at the origin of obtaining a drink as light as that of filtered coffees.

To avoid having any problems on this point, however, it is better to use the same coffee as the one originally offered with the reusable gold Barista capsule.

How to get a creamy foam?

By favoring a full-bodied coffee and tamping the coffee correctly, you will have no trouble obtaining an admirable foam on your coffee.However, if you want more creaminess for this coffee, you can launch your coffee machine for the first time by pressing its launch button. After pouring a small amount of water into the capsule, stop the coffee maker before starting. wait a few seconds to restart it. Let it flow to the end and you will see the results.

The reusable gold barista capsule does a lot of good for the environment, by reducing aluminum and plastic waste thrown everywhere. It is also good for health and wallets. Its use is, moreover, very simple.