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Reusable capsules: the right coffee to use

Reusable capsules have been standardized. They can only hold 5g of ground coffee. In terms of quality, it has to be full-bodied. Only coffee Expresso can be used.

Which coffee for reusable capsules?

Good coffee. But it is not easy to know the good coffee from the bad. It is a real barista job that is essential here. That said, there is a way to find and recognize the right coffee to use for its reusable capsules. It is imperative that you take espresso, it is not a choice.

Choose the right grind

We highly recommend coffee with medium grind: neither fine nor coarse. Your roaster will know how to grind your coffee exactly according to your request. Just let him know how to use it. Too finely ground coffee will simply pass through the sieve of your capsule and too thick one will not make good coffee because it will be too light. There are of course other choices of grinds.

The right intensity

If the success of a good coffee prepared with a reusable capsule depends fundamentally on its grind, other secondary requirements are to be seen. Intensity, among other things. Baristas use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate coffee strength. From 1 to 4, it is light. From 5 to 7, it is balanced and from 8 to 10, it is strong. If, for example, you were expecting to obtain a coffee whose quality in smoothness and aroma resembles that of a Nespresso, opt for an intense coffee of at least level 7.

The good guy

The use of reusable capsules allows you to freely choose your type of coffee. You can base your choice on several criteria such as the caffeine level, something you cannot do with disposable capsules. Then you can also refine your choice on quality: organic, labeled, entry level or top of the range...

Tamping, an important step

You also need to take the packing into account. This phase of preparation is very important. Its quality determines the taste and aroma of your coffee. When your coffee is well tamped, the water flows slowly to allow a perfect brew. Thus, we advise you to buy a tamper as soon as you decide to use the reusable capsules. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. Too packed, the water will no longer flow.

How to use the coffee capsules?

For a first use

If this is your first use, first use the empty capsule to rinse it. Check that the water flows unhindered, otherwise there is a manufacturing defect, malfunction or incompatibility. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Fill the capsule with strong, medium-ground coffee.
  2. Tamp it down, in order to reduce it and leave only 2 to 3 millimeters of part without coffee. If necessary, add coffee and then re-brew.
  3. Install the capsule in the zero waste coffee maker. Let it flow.

Be careful, because when you come out of the machine, the capsule will be very hot, even hot. Leave it to rest before disassembling it or remember to remove it with wood pliers if you intend to reuse it right away.

Tips for having a creamy foam

You will get a naturally creamy froth if you know how to tamp your coffee well and if you have chosen a strong one. It is not forbidden to push a little to have a more beautiful foam. Follow our little tip.

  1. Prepare your capsule: filling and packing.
  2. Start the brew.Let a few drops of water flow into the capsule then press stop
  3. Just wait a few seconds and restart the infusion until you get your coffee.

This very effective manual technique is used to pre-infuse the coffee so that its aromas can be released and therefore give a creamy foam. This same technique is used automatically in grain machines.

For reuse

The reuse of a capsule is not limited in time. You can reuse it as soon as your first coffee is ready. Just be careful not to burn yourself, as it will be extremely hot when exiting the machine. Empty the grounds and clean with plenty of water and your capsule is ready for its umpteenth reuse.

Note: remember to not throw away the Marc, because it can be used in gardening, for beauty formulas or for housekeeping.

Care for your reusable coffee capsule

Like any device or accessory, it is essential that you maintain your reusable capsule. Its main component being stainless steel, the capsule has a fairly long lifespan, especially if it is perfectly and regularly maintained. After each use, do not forget to rinse it thoroughly with water so as not to leave any residue. Never let the grounds macerate in your capsule, as their rapid decomposition can cause rust or other deterioration.

The capsules have 2 different seals. These are parts that wear out faster than the stainless steel capsule. The first goes with the cap to hermetically close the capsule and the second for contact with the coffee machine. You can replace them separately at the capsule.

For your green approach, you have combined the useful with the pleasant: the coffee machine with reusable capsules. Your decision is beneficial to everyone, to the planet for your contribution to its protection and to yourself for better coffee, but also for a de facto saving in view of the price.