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Dolce Gusto favors ecology with Capsogusto and Terracycle

Most of the 80% of French coffee fans have a coffee machine at home that works with pods or individual capsules. However, these have a significant impact on the environment. Fortunately, some of their producer brands are increasingly committed to reducing this impact. Dolce Gusto and ecology have never gone well together.

Why do we need a Dolce Gusto pod?

No need to leave home to enjoy a good coffee now. The advent of machines for domestic use has indeed contributed to the great accessibility of this pleasure. However, there is a downside: traditional pods are harmful to the environment due to the difficulty of recycling them. Fortunately, there is an alternative: the association between the Dolce Gusto pod and ecology.

Traditional pods and their harmfulness to the environment

The possibility of making a good coffee at home with Nespresso and Tassimo pods, among other things, is at the origin of the production of a significant amount of waste. Thus, in 2011, there were 40,000 tons of aluminum waste related to the use of Nespresso pods. But why do brands continue to use this material? Because of its airtightness, aluminum helps to better preserve the freshness, taste and aroma of coffee.

Aluminum is a recyclable material, so why is it a huge amount of waste on the planet? Because it is quite simply a material that is difficult to recycle. An eddy current machine is indeed necessary for its sorting. Afterwards, the aluminum must go through cleaning, melting and transformation phases in 4 European countries to finish its recycling. This represents a significant cost and significant energy expenditure.

Faced with this problem, the use of nespresso eco-friendly capsules such as Capsogusto is increasingly encouraged.

Privileged ecological values ​​with Dolce Gusto

In 2014, the marriage between Dolce Gusto and ecology took place. This is indeed the year of the launch of the rechargeable capsule of this brand. This has allowed, since the beginning of its distribution, the Nestlé subsidiary not to dump on the planet no less than 2,500 tonnes of waste. And to further pursue the planetary objective attached to it, the brand continues to improve its international presence.

The capsule in question, Capsigusto, is intended for long-term use. It is a refillable stainless steel capsule, which allows users to prepare as many coffees as they want without producing plastic waste. This therefore differentiates it from the consumable refillable capsules that flood the market and, especially the disposable capsules, which are no longer worth a detour for several reasons.

And for its plastic capsules, the brand has joined the TerraCycle program, which makes it easier to recycle them. We will talk about it in one of the following sections of this article, but first of all it is necessary to know the capsules compatible with the Dolce Gusto refillable capsule.

Which capsules are compatible with Dolce Gusto?

Dolce Gusto's commitment to ecology has prompted a number of brands to create capsules compatible with its coffee machines.And the latter have not been forgotten in the process of commitment of the Nestlé subsidiary to the preservation of the planet with in particular their energy saving function which is triggered after only 5 minutes of use Among the capsules compatible with the branded espresso machines therefore, there are:

  • The Deca capsules of Café Launay, a tasty combination of Brazilian Arabica and fruity aromas of Colombian Arabica.
  • The Latte instant milk capsules from the Caffè Bonini brand
  • The Café Royal 100% arabica capsules from the Caffé Grande brand
  • Capsules combining traditional coffee and Ginseng from the Caffè Bonini brand
  • The Cortado capsules perfectly combining coffee and milk from the Caffè Bonini brand
  • The Lungo capsules 100% arabica from Brazil and Colombia from Café Launay.

Where to throw Dolce Gusto coffee capsules?

Dolce Gusto's commitment to ecology is also evident through its association with TerraCycle. Thanks to this, consumers of its products can easily participate in the recycling of its capsules through a national network of collection points.

Places to throw the capsules?

There are two possibilities for people who want to get involved in this program. First, there is the dumping of used capsules at a public collection point that is part of the TerraCycle sites. If you want to find one near you, just consult the existing interactive map on the online portal of the company specializing in waste recycling.

Nothing prevents you from creating your own collection point. This possibility is open to everyone: individuals, associations, public establishments, stores, private schools, etc. In this case, you will take care of the organization of the collection and the sending of the parcels. Each time they arrive at their destination, you will earn TerraCycle points.

What happens to used beverage capsules?

A mechanical separation of their materials will take place for the capsules when they arrive at their destination. There will then be composting of the coffee grounds. The plastic materials, for their part, will go through a process of grinding, sorting, washing and extruding into granules or plastic injection before being reused for the production of urban benches, planters or play aids for children. It can also be used as a raw material.

How to use the refillable Dolce Gusto capsule?

If you opt for the other fruit of the marriage between Dolce Gusto and ecology, the Capsogusto, you will not need to go through the recycling phase. This product is fully reusable. To use it, start by sliding the silicone tubing into the bottom of the drawer of your coffee machine. Continue dosing your coffee before putting the Capsogusto in the drawer of the machine. Afterwards, all you have to do is place the silicone stopper to close the capsule, insert the appliance drawer, let your coffee flow and wait.

What coffee to put in a refillable capsule?

By choosing the Capsogusto, you should already know that you cannot use just any coffee. For a refillable capsule, only strong coffees are suitable. In addition, the capsule cannot receive more than 5g of coffee. If you therefore want your drink to be stronger, adding more will no longer be part of your option.

As far as the grind is concerned, the ideal is that it should be fine to medium.You will indeed helplessly watch the passage of your coffee through the filter of your capsule if its fineness is greater. A greater thickness will, on the other hand, have the effect of obtaining coffees with a lightness similar to that of filter coffees.< /p>

The marriage of Dolce Gusto and ecology has gone beyond the project phase since 2014. This is a reality that has already enabled the brand to avoid thousands of tons of waste for the planet. The marriage was manifested above all by the launch of Capsogusto and the association with a leading player in the world of recycling: Terracycle.