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The zero waste coffee maker to the rescue

Consume zero waste. We talk about it all over the world. We stir tooth and nail to find the magic solution. We adapt as best we can to the procedures and we try to find alternatives to daily uses that ruin. The morning coffee ritual can become a commendable zero waste attitude.

The zero waste coffee maker: how does it work?

Before adopting the zero waste machine, let’s learn about its features. How can it contribute, and in a very effective way, to the protection of the planet? It has been proven that the use of disposable capsules is a moderately responsible attitude. For Dolce-Gusto, the objective is twofold: to offer good coffee and to protect the environment.

The zero waste coffee maker combines modernity and tradition

While the shape is nothing like that of our grandmothers, the technique remains the same. These machines are used with ground bulk coffee which of course has kept all its flavor. Roast your coffee beans at the local coffee roaster. Remember to recover the marc because it is biodegradable and can become an alternative to your chemical cleaning products.

  • Choose your coffee beans according to the fineness of its grinding and its quantity.
  • Tamp the ground coffee firmly. This is the secret of a perfect espresso.
  • Push in the filter and turn the handle
  • The texture of the coffee will then depend on your tastes whether you prefer it light or intense.
  • You can add frothed milk for a fluffy and thick cappuccino.

The machine with integrated grinder

This machine produces very good coffee. Also known as an automatic coffee machine, instant coffee is a real barista job. The coffee beans are ground squarely before being served. With this machine, coffee lovers, even the most demanding will be well spoiled. The coffee brings out all its flavor and the morning aroma is exquisite.

Although this machine with a grinder costs a little more at checkout to buy, it does save money. Indeed, coffee beans are much cheaper than powdered coffee and even less than capsule coffee.

Ecologically speaking, the automatic coffee machine plays a major role. It makes it possible to reduce household waste, because ultimately the only residue resulting from the preparation of coffee is the grounds. And the grounds are reusable for housekeeping. Otherwise, it is 100% biodegradable.

Slow coffee

Lovers of less strong coffee will prefer this traditional machine. Its gentle extraction, hence its name, allows the coffee to flow calmly. The subtle taste of the coffee obtained results from the delicate pressure of the piston in the grinder. The coffee is less bitter, rounder and its aroma is heightened. This machine is made for those who prefer the coffee moment as a moment of relaxation, because this preparation takes a little time. The sweetness is slowly concocted.

Why go back to coffee beans?

If coffee capsules have become the first enemy of environmental protectors, it is because their impact is proving catastrophic. We have a few figures that will probably alert the whole world. Suppliers are called upon to produce biodegradable capsules and filters. Dolce-Gusto, using coffee beans. Those who are still undecided are advised to focus on the harms of using disposable capsules.

Disposable capsules are harmful to the environment

  • There are approximately 10 billion Nespresso capsules and coffee pods per year.This quantity is approximately equal to 40,000 t of aluminum residues equivalent to a quantity of aluminum 4 times the Eiffel Tower Knowing that 1 t of aluminum production releases 4 t of waste composed of harmful chemical actives: titanium, iron oxide, aluminum and silicon, cadmium and chromium.
  • The packaging of 250 grams of pods is equivalent to 10 times the packaging of ground coffee or beans of the same weight.
  • It takes between 150 and 500 years for the capsules to decompose.
  • If the capsules consumed in a year are put end to end, they could make a long rope revolving 10.5 times around the earth.
  • In 1 year and in France alone, coffee pods and capsules produce 3,400 tonnes of plastic waste and 1,900 tonnes of aluminum waste.
  • 3 cups of coffee/day equals 1,095 capsules/year.

Coffee grounds are bio-waste

Zero waste, zero packaging! Marc is a bio-waste with multiple uses. It can be used to maintain a blocked drain which allows you to reduce the use of harmful products. In the aesthetic world, marc is recommended as a scrub to have soft skin. It would also be an effective anti cellulite. To try ! Can be used as a compost component. Biodegradable, it has no destructive effect on nature. On the contrary, it assumes a great deal of responsibility in the natural development of biodiversity. It could be used as a repellent against rose aphids. Also to be tested.

It is noted, Dolce-Gusto has embarked on the cogs of environmental protection. You will notice all its efforts in their products, in particular the zero waste coffee maker. You will be able to fully participate in this sustainable approach by using their eco-responsible equipment, following all the instructions given to you to the letter.