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The nespresso compatible aluminum capsule for Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso is a brand recognized for its range, which is among the highest in the international market, in terms of coffee. The particularity of its machine is based on its compatibility with the different brands of coffee capsules. One of the different capsule models, which is a perfect fit for this machine, is the Nespresso compatible capsules.

What are the best coffee capsules?

When we talk about a coffee machine, we immediately think of a better nespresso compatible aluminum capsule. However, the best ones are as follows.

Nespresso Solimo

It is an UTZ-certified capsule, and its production and cultivation are eco-responsible. It is one of the Arabica varieties, while being roasted, balanced and velvety to perfection. What sets this product apart is its processing method, which gives it its strength of 3/5. This makes it an intense coffee.

Nespresso L'Or Espresso Splendent

This capsule is very famous for its flavor, due to its very successful balance method. Its particularity lies in its hazelnut and citrus note. It generates more of a creamy cloud, accompanied by a taste rather sweet. Each package contains 10 cartridges, containing 52 grams each.

Dolce Gusto Lungo

This is a capsule, containing a roasted blend, dark in color, well balancede. It offers a subtle flavor with a blackcurrant note. It consists of a combination of Arabica beans from East Africa and South America. It is very rich in aroma, and offers a tasty beverage, accompanied by a fine velvety cream.

Which capsule for Nespresso Pixie?

Pixie is a variant of Nespresso machines, with a rather nifty design. It has a more compact size, and is only compatible with certain capsules, such as the nespresso compatible capsules 2018.


This organic capsule is filled with strong coffee from French roasters. It is roasted slower and longer than some of its competitors. On a scale of one to five, it presents a mixture of intensities at three, four and five levels. All feature a blend of Arabica beans.


Solimo offers the most affordable capsule set, compatible with Nespresso Pixie, on the market. This capsule variety pack is also the cheapest on this list. It is filled with capsules of different intensities, ranging from level 3 to 5. A bag of 10 decaffeinated capsules is also included if you want to taste the espresso flavor without caffeine.


This bold-tasting capsule pack from the California coffee chain includes a selection of four different varieties. It ranges from an intensity of 4 levels to a level 5. Each capsule is filled with 100% Arabica coffee beans, and individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

How to replace the Nespresso capsule?

Before replacing a Nespresso-compatible aluminum capsule, make sure that the capsule container is empty. Then, you have to press the ejection lever of the capsule. The used capsule will automatically be ejected into the capsule container. Then just insert the new capsule, respecting its position.

Where to buy Nespresso coffee capsules?

A nespresso compatible aluminum capsule can be purchased using the following methods.

In Nespresso boutiques

In fact, the various products of the Nespresso brand can be found in the brand's stores. The advantage over this method is the possibility of offering a wide range of choice of variants. There is even a Nespresso club, allowing you to savor each product. It even offers coffee brewing tips and methods.

In land shops

There are land-based stores, in which it is possible to acquire coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso. So you can buy it at:

  • The supermarkets
  • The supermarkets
  • The grocers
  • The Nespresso Clubs


It is also possible to purchase Nespresso coffee capsules, by ordering online. One can have a wide range of choices of websites, which represent different brands. This is the fastest way to stock up on coffee capsules. This method of purchase is still subject to conditions, as it is strictly reserved for members of his club.

Which capsule for Nespresso?

There is a wide choice of capsules for Nespresso on the market. The following three products are the most recognized for their compatibility on machines of this brand.

Black card

This capsule brand holds an important place in the international coffee market. It marks exception and luxury, with an affordable price. It is a very popular brand among consumers. It is available everywhere, especially in supermarkets and online. It occupies the second place on the French market, in terms of coffee capsules.

Espresso Gold

This capsule is renowned for its very affordable price. It is available at major retailers. Made by the Maison du Café, it has its own particularity, especially in its method of preparation. It can also be purchased on the Internet, which is much more economical than other methods of purchase.

Ethical Coffee Company

This is a very popular brand when it comes to coffee capsules. Manufactured by Jean-Pierre Gaillard, it has an excellent reputation, due to its biodegradable capsule. This makes it respectable for the environment. It consists mainly of Arabica from Latin America.

The choice of capsule for Nespresso machines is very wide, whether original or compatible. However, all capsules compatible with Nespresso offer an incomparable experience, without having to pay a fortune. Among his choices, one can necessarily find his coffee pleasant, because it is a question of taste.