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The nespresso ecology capsule: an environmental solution

The market for coffee packaged in capsules is becoming more and more promising. Annually, billions of capsules are consumed worldwide. This can generate significant waste, which can harm the environment. Nespresso is among the producers of coffee capsules, which care about the ecological impact.

What are the environmental programs for the nespresso ecology capsule?

Since designing the capsules, particularly the Nespresso compatible aluminum capsule, this brand has been striving to find environmental solutions. Among them, it focuses on the collection and recycling of used capsules.

Aluminium in the nespresso ecology capsule and its recycling

Fortunately, the aluminum contained in the capsule is a metal that can be recycled several times, even infinitely. In France, almost the majority of consumers benefit from recycling solutions close to them. When the capsules are recycled, they go to one of the processing centers to separate the coffee grounds and the aluminium.

The different collection points

This brand developed its recycling service in 2008. 5,000 collection centers have been set up in France, particularly in:

  • The Nespresso boutiques
  • The supermarkets
  • The Nespresso Clubs
  • The resellers

It has also established a partnership with various players, such as the Mondial Relay. This allows him to set up the various French recycling centers. Its contract with La Poste consists of taking used capsules back for a courier.

The different obstacles in collecting

One of the hurdles that society is currently facing is the belief of consumers to respect recycling. Many people mix them in household trash. However, thanks to its compact size, it is difficult to distinguish them in the waste. In fact, only 20% of used capsules are recycled. Those, which are not recycled, then scatter in nature, which can harm the environment. According to the brand, in 2025, 50% of these capsules must be recycled.

Recycling capsules

Without the recycling system, the coffee capsules are a veritable ecological precipice. According to the sale of coffee capsules worldwide, it generates more than 400,000 tons of aluminum waste. However, this material is widely used in order to preserve the aroma of coffee. Nespresso has a recycling program to recover used capsules. It effectively raises awareness of this program on its website, while determining the collection centers near each consumer. Sorting centers have also been set up in each region.

What are the alternative options to the nespresso ecology capsule?

Besides the Nespresso ecological capsule, there are other alternatives, overcoming the problems related to single-use capsules.

Compostable and biodegradable capsules

It is quite possible to acquire other coffee capsules compatible with the various Nespresso coffee machines. Some contain no aluminum at all, they are completely biodegradable. Their packaging is indeed compostable, and consists mainly of corn starch. They are in fact certified OK Compst. After using it, you can throw its cover in the green bags.

Refillable capsules

They are not only economical, but also ecological.Unlike its counterparts, it is not a one-time use It can be kept throughout the year, depending on the material used. In order to use it, one only has to fill the capsule with ground coffee and tamp it down in order to prevent the close of air. However, one must pour 7 grams of coffee into the capsule. After pouring, one must remove the grounds from the coffee, while rinsing it with clean water. On the other hand, the constraint lies in the time required for the preparation and maintenance of the capsule.

Is the nespresso ecology capsule really a success?

Since the creation of these capsules, in 2000, this brand has been successful, particularly in terms of compatible capsules. The number of ecological capsules sold increases every year. But it also increases the amount of waste to be processed. In order to meet the needs of consumers, Nespresso has set up processing centers. This is thanks to its collaboration with the waste, aluminum and packaging industries.

Nespresso's commitments on these capsules

For these coffee capsules, Nespresso is committed to:

  • Designing these coffee capsules using materials biodegradable and compostable
  • Designing packaging that ensures an optimal level of coffee preservation
  • Adopting exclusively green energy
  • Use inks very sparingly
  • Using cardboard packaging and vegetable inks

Preservation of the Nespresso brand image

To maintain its image, this brand strives to create its recycling program, which goes as follows:

  • After use, you must put the used capsules in the green bag, which is provided free of charge by the brand. You can then get the bags in the shops or through La Poste
  • As soon as the bag is full, it should put it in one of the recycling bins.
  • Nespresso has also established partnerships with recycling services in different cities. It greatly contributes to the recovery of the sachets, containing the used capsules, with a view to their treatment.
  • This brand sorts coffee and aluminum in order to recycle them

For those interested in ecological capsules, it is advisable to use those of Nespresso. Coffee capsules, packaged in packages of different sizes, are available, while being environmentally friendly. They are also available in different strengths, from intense to full-bodied. However, they are easy to access, both in physical stores and online.