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Which capsules should I buy for a Tassimo machine?

Tassimo is currently one of the most essential brands for coffee lovers. Thanks to its pod coffee makers, it is possible for them to prepare a drink at home and at the office in less than a minute. Note, however, that to answer the question "which capsule for Tassimo?" Note that only dedicated Tassimo capsules can be used with these machines. You will discover them through this article.

What type of pod for Tassimo?

To allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of its machines, Tassimo has partnered with more than 15 different coffee brands. This gave it the opportunity to offer you within its catalog less than 80 T-Discs, coffee-based capsules dedicated specifically to its devices. While some are coffee-flavored, others are more for hot chocolate and tea lovers. We are going to let you know the best of them classified by type.


Coffee flavored products are of course the first answer to the question "which capsule for Tassimo?" ". Within this category, the Top 3 are made up of Gold Café Long Classic, Gold Café Long Intense and Gold XL Intense. The first is dedicated to lovers of balanced coffee, the second to fans of coffee with a certain intensity and the third to those who prefer both intensity and richness in aroma.


To have a good espresso, your 3 best capsules for Tassimo are L’Or Espresso Splendente, L’Or Espresso Delizioso and L’Or Espresso Decaffeinato. The first allows you to taste a tasty drink combining flavors of coffee, hazelnut and citrus. With the second, you will have an espresso of a certain refinement. The third will give you the opportunity to enjoy decaffeinated lemon rich in flavors.


A number of capsules for Tassimo allowing you to treat yourself with a milk drink. The ones that are most worth a visit are Chai latte, L’Or Latte Macchiato and Jacobs Latte Macchiato Caramel. The first capsule makes you happy by adding to a combination of tea and exotic Indian spices of milk froth. Their names are enough to know what the other two Lattes capsules really are.


If you want to enjoy the perfect combination of the intense flavor of espresso and the smoothness of frothed milk, 3 of the capsules for Tassimo Cappuccino existing on the market are to be preferred:

  • Maxwell House Cappuccino Choco Flavor : the best-selling cappuccino in France is a chocolate flavored cappuccino.
  • L'Or Cappuccino: a tasty and sparkling cappuccino with optimal balance.
  • Jacobs Cappuccino Classico: a cappuccino appreciated for its smoothness, perfect balance and sweetness.

Where to buy Tassimo capsules?

If you already know which capsule for your Tassimo, it's time to find the place to buy some. To purchase capsules for Tassimo, you can go either to the brand's website, or to its stores, or to its partner stores, or to online sales sites. Note, however, that if you want to take advantage of the lowest price, nothing beats going through the Tassimo online store and Amazon. In the case of a bulk purchase elsewhere, the reduction granted will be even greater. Note that a section dedicated to Tassimo exists on the online sales giant.

How are the Tassimo capsules?

After the information that has just been provided, it is normal to ask how are the capsules for Tassimo You will find all the answers you need with the following details.

Barcoded capsules

Tassimo has designed a very special technology for the use of its capsules. This is called "IntellibrewTM". To be able to be read by this technology, each capsule has a barcode. By reading this barcode, Intellibrew allows the machine to know the quantity, the water temperature and the time required for the preparation. He also gives him all the necessary indications relating to taste. So you can get the flavors attached to each capsule without you having to do anything.

What are the impressions of them?

Two capsules for Tassimo are the most unanimous among coffee fans. The first is none other than the Chai Latte Lemongrass, which impresses in particular by the fact that it is sweet and tasty. Its flavor, which is reminiscent of that of Froot Loops cereals, cannot leave you indifferent. The second is the Crème brûlée gourmet coffee, which really restores the taste sought by its consumers. She is still weighed down by the fact that the drink obtained is very short.

The Chai Latte simple is also not lacking in appeal and many coffee die-hards find it far less cloying than many of its competitors on the market. As for its "Macchiato" version with a caramel note, it is sometimes necessary to add a little vanilla, or even caramel, to experience complete satisfaction.

The use of capsules for Tassimo coffee and espresso are also recommended, even if they remain less attractive than Tassimo instant coffees. However, disappointment could be unavoidable with hot chocolate capsules and tea capsules.

How to make a cappuccino with the Tassimo?

When talking about cappuccino, two ingredients are essential, namely milk and espresso. For the success of the preparation, it is necessary to ensure that each of these ingredients is of high quality. You have landed on this page, because with Tassimo capsules for cappuccino, you can prepare a cappuccino with perfect smoothness, optimal balance, irreproachable sweetness and sublime intensity.

To prepare a cappuccino with the Jacobs Cappuccino Classico, Maxwell House Cappuccino and Gevalia Cappuccino, among others, you will have to start by choosing the right cup. Then proceed to insert the capsule for Tassimo in your coffee machine of the same brand. You will have to close the appliance afterwards before pressing the start button in order to prepare a thick milk froth. The operation continues by replacing the milk pod with an espresso pod. You just have to wait for the espresso to pour into your cup so you can enjoy your cappuccino.

Tassimo is one of the so-called "closed" brands because only its machines are only suitable with dedicated capsules. However, the latter stand out for their great variety thanks to its partnership with several brands. Coffee fans will have something to vary their pleasure.