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Reusing Tassimo capsule: information you need to know

Tassimo, a brand belonging to the American group Mondelēz International, is one of the giants of the coffee pod market. However, there is one thing that annoys some of the most environmentally-conscious consumers of its products: the impossibility of reusing Tassimo capsules. Of course, these can also be thrown in specific places to be recycled, but it could be better to be able to recharge them for a new use. This is now possible thanks to the information elements of this article.

Where to dispose of Tassimo capsules?

To the question "how to reuse a Tassimo capsule?", the brand prefers to answer that it is impossible and that it is necessary instead to join its recycling program born from a partnership with Terracycle. Is this program interesting? The following details will help you answer them.

Reasons to throw them in the right place

Coffee capsules are not completely innocent in the increase of plastic waste on our planet. Fortunately, each brand is making efforts to contribute to their reduction. This is the case of Tassimo which, thanks to its partnership with TerraCycle, allows its pods to have a second life. You will only have to throw your used capsules in the right place to participate too. It is also a way to support an association active in the preservation of the environment. Indeed, with each waste collection shipment, you will obtain points that can be converted into donations for partner associations.

Collection points to dispose of Tassimo capsules

To participate in the Tassimo capsule recycling program, simply collect the pods you have just used before disposing of them at a Tassimo-TerraCycle collection point. Not sure where to find one near you? All you have to do is consult the interactive TerraCycle map. It should be noted that France currently has 130 collection points. Your intervention ends when you deposit your pods and packaging. It will then be up to TerraCycle to take care of the recycling.

What future for this waste?

After being collected by TerraCycle, Tassimo pods go through various stages of recycling where they are cleaned and melted down to a hard plastic. The latter will then be remolded to bring new essential everyday objects into the world, including benches, tables, watering cans and planters.

How to create reusable Tassimo capsules yourself?

Despite the brand's answer to the question "how to reuse a Tassimo capsule?" there's nothing stopping you from reusing your Tassimo pods. However, this requires following the steps that we are going to cite to the letter.

The first step is to remove the protective film from the top of the capsule using a knife and lay the aluminum foil flat on a paper towel. Take care that this is not the source of the crumbling, folding or tearing of said paper.

The second step is to cut out the UPC code and the aluminum in one piece before keeping everything on a paper towel.

In a third step, rinse with warm water the inside of the T-Disc to get rid of all the remains of coffee grounds. Take the time to dry everything before the fourth step, that of filling the T-Disc with coffee that has just been ground.You can also use espresso and even tea leaves depending on the old capacity of the capsule Depending on the drink to be prepared, the barcode will tell the machine the time and temperature to respect.

A new aluminum foil takes the place of the old one in the fourth step. However, the latter should not be discarded, as it will be used to identify the location of the barcode. A double-sided adhesive tape will, in the 5th step, be used for gluing the sheet of aluminum foil on which the barcode and the UPC code are written on the new sheet of aluminum according to the identification that has just been carried out.

You can end up preparing a drink directly by inserting the new reusable capsule into the Tassimo machine and closing the upper part of the disc holder.

Which capsule is compatible with Tassimo?

Now that you know how to reuse your Tassimo capsule, it is important to remember the names of the capsules you can use with your Tassimo device. The latter does not have compatible capsules, but rather dedicated capsules, which is reminiscent of Nespresso Vertuo capsules. Their number already currently exceeds 80 thanks to a partnership of the company with no less than 15 coffee brands. To help you choose, we will present the best of them according to their category:

  • Coffee: Gold Classic Long Coffee, Gold Long Coffee Intense and Gold XL IntensE
  • Espresso: Or Espresso Splendente, Or Espresso Delizioso and Or Espresso Decaffeinato
  • Latte: Chai latte, Or Latte Macchiato and Jacobs Latte Macchiato Caramel
  • Cappuccino: Maxwell House Cappuccino, Gold Cappuccino Taste Choco and Jacobs Cappuccino Classico.

How to use a Tassimo pod?

Tassimo is one of the brands favoring plastic capsules, so using its pods is easier. Note, however, that these can only be used with Tassimo machines. For their conservation, you will have to favor a dry place, and this even applies to milk capsules, which do not however require preservation at a reduced temperature.

Each Tassimo capsule contains a defined portion of ground coffee, chocolate, tea and/or condensed milk. For preparation, the Tassimo coffee maker is based on a barcode on the label indicating the quantity, time and temperature of preparation.

This preparation is done inside the Tassimo pod before pouring it into a cup. The automatic cleaning feature of the Tassimo machine avoids a long wait between two preparations to make a new beverage.

There is indeed an answer to the question "how to reuse the tassimo capsule?" ". And although this is not very encouraged by the brand, it can be used so as not to always go through the recycling box. There is also nothing to indicate that there will always be time to go to a collection point. The tutorial that has been provided will always be of great help.