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Everything you need to know about Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

Nespresso waited thirty years to adopt a 360° turn. In 2016, he launched a new machine called Vertuo characterized in particular by its "Centrifusion system". The development of this device was based on a need to satisfy XXL coffee fans. It is therefore not surprising to know that certain dedicated capsules allow you to prepare up to 230 ml. It is precisely on these capsules designed only for this device that we are going to focus.

Which Nespresso Vertuo compatible capsule?

nespresso vertuo capsules are unique barcoded capsules. These barcodes can only be read by the eponymous machine, as is the case with capsules for Tassimo therefore. There are therefore no Nespresso Vertuo compatible capsules, but rather in-house capsules designed for this device. They are currently 5 in number, but this is a number that is likely to evolve over time. Let's discover them:

40ml Espresso

The capsule with the smallest amount of preparation in the Nespresso Verto range is reminiscent of a coffee with almost perfect roundness and optimal balance. It offers you a drink with biscuity notes and lets you enjoy the sweetness of Arabicas from South American plantations.

80ml Double Espresso

This capsule skilfully combines, after a strong roasting, Robusta and Arabica from plantations in Central America. It is recognizable by the intensity of its aromas and its notes which are reminiscent of vanilla and cocoa.

150ml Grand Lungo

This capsule is a clever blend of Colombian Arabicas and Guatemalan Robustas that have undergone a medium roast. To the flavors of a mild coffee are added notes of cereals and a subtle touch of acidity.

230ml The Mug

The capsule which offers the second preparation in quantity of the Nespresso Vertuo range offers you an unforgettable journey in many African plantations in combination with several Arabicas of Arabica.

414ml Viola

The largest capsule in terms of quantity of preparation in the Nespresso range gives you 3 high purity Arabicas. It is recognizable by the sweetness and smoothness of its main notes. To these are added flavors of caramel and toast.

Where can I find Vertuo capsules?

There are several places where you can get a nespresso vertuo capsule. However, if you want to take advantage of a lower price, give preference to the Nespresso online store, Nespresso partner stores and Amazon. In addition, by choosing to buy in bulk, you will be able to benefit from even more interesting price advantages. In case you buy from Amazon, know that there is a section specially dedicated to the range of Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

Also note that when purchasing from Amazon, the Nespresso boutique and partner stores, you may come across promotional offers. These sometimes relate to new flavors that have just been added to the lineup. Accessories that you may need as a coffee lover can also be offered there, citing only cups, stencils, trash cans and descaling tablets. And of course, you can buy the Nespresso Vertuo machine there, if you don't have one yet.

Which capsule for the Nespresso machine?

The information just provided may make you wonder about which machines are compatible with the original Nespresso machine.Unlike the Nespresso Vertuo, which only takes Nespresso Vertuo capsules, the latter has a number of compatible capsules. Here are the most important ones.

Nespresso Solimo

This capsule brings together several varieties of Arabicas that have been perfectly roasted and optimally balanced. It thus offers you a velvety drink which, moreover, has a certain intensity. Its UTZ certification makes it an essential capsule for coffee lovers who want to satisfy their needs only with a blend grown using optimal and eco-responsible agricultural techniques.

L’Or Espresso Splendente

By choosing this compatible pod, you experience a subtle note of hazelnut accompanied by a touch of citrus. The whole thing is joined by a thick cloud with a sweet taste that can only cause elation for your taste buds. There are 10 cartridges of 52 g each in one pack of this pod. Enough to prepare a daily coffee for about a quarter.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lungo

In each Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lungo pod you will find an authentic combination of South American and East African Arabica beans that have been medium roasted. To the flavor this mixture is added subtle touches of blackcurrant. The freshness and rich aroma of the pod are ensured thanks to its airtight design. The high pressure treatment guaranteed by the Nespresso machine allows you to enjoy a tasty drink with a fine velvety cream.

L’Or Espresso Café Supremo

By choosing to prepare a drink with L’Or Espresso Café Supremo, you will have a beverage that is reminiscent of hot chocolate, but which is distinguished by the fact that it is more full-bodied. The notes of oak and nuts are also easily recognizable. In each package there are ten capsules of 5.2 g.

Tassimo Gold

Tassimo L’Or pods are among the most popular Nespresso compatible capsules. They give you the possibility of obtaining a long, round and balanced coffee which can be prepared with or without cream.

Where to buy Nespresso capsules?

Original Nespresso capsules can only be found at brand boutiques and partner stores. This is not the case with compatible capsules, including those just mentioned, which are on sale both in supermarkets and in online sales sites, in online sales shops and from some grocery stores.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for biodegradable Nespresso capsules, know that you can also get them from organic shops.

How to put the Nespresso Vertuo capsule?

After this parenthesis, let's get back to the subject that interests us, in particular by talking about the use of Nespresso Vertuo capsules with the dedicated machine. You must start by filling the tank before inserting the capsule. This insertion will be done by putting the rounded side towards the pitch. Do not insert your fingers into the device to prevent them from being cut or getting stuck in the machine.

There is a specific barcode for each capsule that can only be read by a Nespresso Vertuo device. It is thanks to this code that the latter will be informed of:

  • The amount of water to use
  • Water temperature
  • Coffee strength
  • The duration of its infusion

This duration does not, in principle, exceed 20 seconds.

The Nespresso Vertuo machine marks a turning point in Nespresso's strategy.Unlike the original Nespresso in fact, it is only suitable for capsules that have been specially designed for them It still has enough to satisfy enthusiasts who cannot suffice each time for a small amount of coffee.