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Use and fill Nespresso capsules

Nespresso has spared no effort to align itself with today's very tendentious lifestyle: consuming "responsibly and ecologically". Known for its coffee machines, Nespresso is also a range of reusable capsules which takes an active part in the fight against the deterioration of the environment.

Why use Nespresso capsules?

They are economical and ecological

Nespresso reusable capsules are economical. The capsules to be filled are indeed much cheaper than the pre-dosed ones. The device costs a little more, but it is worth buying it. Ready-to-use coffee with this capsule can be obtained from local roasters. With this type of capsule, the coffee is prepared completely to your taste at a really affordable price. The price of coffee beans can be 7 times cheaper than single-use capsules.

Ecologically speaking, if you use the reusable capsules, you are actively participating in the preservation and protection of the environment. Made of recyclable aluminum, Nespresso capsules require very little packaging compared to disposable capsules. A reusable capsule made of aluminum has a lifespan of several years and can prepare a few hundred cups of coffee.

They are practical and easy to use

Reusable, the Nespresso capsule is dishwasher safe. You can wash it manually with water and air dry it. The only downside is the taste. Several users have reported that the coffee loses its flavor.

If you buy the 100 capsule kit, you get a capsule holder. It is a small tool used to handle the capsule. It can also be used as a tamper. Filling is done in a few steps:

  • Attach the capsule to the supplied capsule holder. The set will turn into a real coffee spoon which makes it easier to take the ground coffee in its bag.
  • Drink the coffee using the newly obtained teaspoon.
  • Detach the capsule from the capsule holder.
  • Make sure to pack well before closing the lid.
  • Place in the machine and brew!

Nespresso or Dolce-Gusto?

These two products are brands of the same Nestlé company. Even if they are both zero waste coffee makers concerned about the environment, there are some differences in both their shapes and their use.

They each have their own technique

Nespresso provides stronger pressure with 19 bars and its capsule is larger, as it can hold up to 8 g of coffee. Gusto-Dolce offers a lower pressure with its 15 bars and its capsule can only contain a maximum of 5 g.

A price level gap

Reusable capsule machines cost a bit more. The Nespresso is the best known on the market and its notoriety makes it more expensive, especially in terms of accessories. It is essential, for example, to purchase additional accessories to make the milk froth. Dolce-Gusto already has the whole panoply to manufacture coffee supplements.


The two coffee makers do not have the same features. The Nespresso brand has focused on the production of coffee and all its variants. Dolce-Gusto can offer all kinds of hot drinks, cold drinks, but also milk drinks.

And the environment side?

Eco-friendly and proud of it

Nespresso proudly demonstrates to consumers that its new capsules are truly compostable.Those consumers who have become more sensitive to the protection of the blue planet and are doing everything possible to impact the environment less Nespresso biodegradable capsules are made with natural substances intended for rapid degradation: starch, vegetable fibers from cane sugar or corn combined with biodegradable plastic polymer (PLA).

Recyclable capsules

The new Nespresso refillable capsules are recyclable, as they are 100% compostable. This word is often heard in the field of environmental preservation and ecology. But what is its real meaning? An object is compostable when it decomposes once integrated into industrial compost. The mechanism operates in a monitored environment whose temperatures are maintained between 70 and 80°C with a monitored humidity level of 70% and an oxygen level of 20%.

Recycling when you hold us

Nespresso capsules are eco-friendly and compostable. For the moment, its recycling must be started in the industrial environment although some pods are beginning to enter the market. It is necessary for consumers to check the label which must clearly display the words "compostable". The mention biodegradable does not have the same definition.

After use, you are invited to throw away your ecological capsules:

  • In the bin with the words "organic waste" displayed on the bin. Especially if your city picks up industrial trash.
  • In the household waste bin if your city does not yet collect organic waste.
  • In your own compost, but in this case, its degradation may take a little longer.

Nespresso has long been considered the best coffee machine ever created. It has also been known to be very polluting because of the endless packaging of its capsules. Now that Nespresso has decided to align itself with eco-friendly approaches, it has not done things by halves. The brand has released its 100% compostable organic capsules. It's a revolutionary little marvel made without plastic or aluminum to the delight of eco-friendly people.